Top Historical Places Tours and Activities in Bangalore

Top Historical Places Tours and Activities in Bangalore

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Best historical places Activities and things to do in Bangalore

Bangalore beams with both ancient Indian and Victorian history. This city has classic and exemplary embodiments of colonial times that it went through. The best historical tour in Bangalore is undoubtedly the tour of the Tipu Sultan's Summer Palace. This building boasts of the glory that ancient India lived in. The stunning and intricate palace is a marvel of ancient architecture and attracts tens of thousands of tourists every month and has surfaced as one of the best historical places for tourists. The Bangalore palace is another star among the best historical places in Bangalore.

This palace showcases an example of Victorian, Tudor and Edwardian styles of architecture and the interior of the palace with imported stained glasses and mirrors, is just as dazzling as the exterior, perhaps more. It accounts for one of Bangalore's best historical places and tours. The Devanahalli Fort, about 35 kilometres from Bangalore is also one of the best historical places for tourists owing to the fact that it was the birthplace of Tipu Sultan. Its historical importance is magnanimous and so is the rich architecture of this place.

The strong and fortified walls of the fort speak of the strength of the kingdom ruled by Hyder Ali, the father of Tipu Sultan. Vidhan Soudha, although not as ancient as the forts of the city, is a building of historical importance because it has served as the face or the landmark of Bangalore for decades. It is a consolidation of Neo-Dravidian, British, Indo-Islamic and contemporary styles of architecture and attracts numerous tourists towards itself. It is among the best historical places in Bangalore. Apart from these the Chola temples, built during the reign of the mighty Chola Empire are also among the best historical places in Bangalore and offer the sights of the finest temples from the bygone era.

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