Top Theme & Amusement Parks Tours and Activities in Bangalore

Top Theme & Amusement Parks Tours and Activities in Bangalore

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Must theme parks activities and things to do in Bangalore

You must be tired of reading how Bangalore is an IT city or how it's the 'Silicon Valley of India' and so many adjectives related to work, work and more work. Similarly, the people actually working in Bangalore get tired of those pretty toilsome hours too and what they seek is a perfect weekend of fun to de-stress themselves. Just so it happens, Bangalore has the best amusement parks of the country with an extensive list of adventurous rides and sports. The 'Wonderla Amusement Park' is one of the best places for an amusement park tour in Bangalore. This place is a blessing for all age groups, from clumsy little toddlers to adrenaline junkies of adults. Even if you have enjoyed all the rides here to the fullest, they will still allure some part of you that is not.

The gut-churning rides like Drop Zone, Equinox and Insanity will literally get you screaming like a little child. The star attraction of this place is the "Recoil" and is India's first ride of its kind, where your roller coaster retraces its former path at great speed. The Adventures of Chikku and Cinemagic 3D here are one of the best theme parks activities in Bangalore and all of India. The weather at Bangalore is seemingly pleasant by itself but do you know what's better than a pleasant day? A snowy day! The 'Snow City Bangalore' is one fine place for that and is one of the best amusement parks in Bangalore.

The park offers the best snow activities like Snow sliding, Mountain climbing, Snow floor dancing and Snow rafting to name a few. Another thrilling theme park place in Bangalore is the 'Water World' and you can guess from the name itself that the place is all about water-related fun activities. An extension of Fun World, which is one of Bangalore's best amusement park places, Water World is no less in providing its visitors a refreshing and thrilling time. Here, you can challenge your guts to the thrilling rides of Cyclone and Boomerang or just laze around in the Lazy River. One of the most popular water parks near Bangalore is the 'GRS Fantasy Park' which provides a perfect getaway to the local residents and an exotic and memorable day to the tourists. Apparently, it provides one of the best theme park activities near Bangalore including Water Disco, Tornado, swirling Water slides and water playgrounds. Fun World surely is one of Bangalore's best amusement park places because it has everything a family or a friend circle can want, from water rides and thrilling dry rides to an amazing set of indoor games in the subsection named 'Wow World'. If you are looking for an exquisite getaway, this is the place to be.

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