Top Monuments & Forts Tours and Activities in Bangalore

Top Monuments & Forts Tours and Activities in Bangalore

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Best Monuments and fort to visit in Bangalore

'The city of Gardens' and the 'Silicon Valley of India' is not just about lush green stretches and the IT sector. The city boasts of numerous forts that have witnessed famous rattling battles in the past. The 'Bangalore Fort' situated in the heart of the city sits in ruins now but once used to be a colossal piece of power.

Most of the fort was torn down by the Britishers but the parts that remain still attract lovers of history and heritage from every nook and corner. It is one of the best monuments in Bangalore. The 'Devanahalli Fort', mostly famous for being Tipu Sultan's birthplace, is one of the most well-maintained and best forts in Bangalore. It's archaeological and historical significance are quite spectacular in present times and speak for the royalty it must have lived in. The 'Channarayana Durga' is also among the best forts near Bangalore; it once used to be a towering seven-storey fort but now sits amidst ruins.

The architecture still bedazzles the visitors and maintains its ancient glory all the same, regardless of its condition. The 'Nandi Hills' is undoubtedly the best monumental place in Bangalore. The hills not only boast of astounding views of scenic landscapes and clouds but also bounds with several famous monuments. It has the famous 'Nandi Temple' and the 'Tipu Sultan Fort' and draws thousands of tourists everyday. The Tipu Sultan Fort' is among Bangalore's best monuments and is known for its Islamic style of architecture. The Medigeshi Fort in Madhugiri is also among Bangalore's best forts, even though it's about a hundred kilometres away from the city, and has seen tough battles through times for its advantageous positioning at an elevation of 3700+ feet above sea level. It used to be a highly sought-after fort in its times.

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