Top Art & Culture Tours and Activities in Bangalore

Top Art & Culture Tours and Activities in Bangalore

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Best Art & Cultural Activities and things to do in Bangalore

Although Bangalore is all about technology, it does not mean that the city has its culture on the sidetracks. Bangalore has a firm stance in deep-rooted culture and appreciation for Art. Once in a while, it is always good to deviate from the coffeehouses and the bars and face towards the rich culture that the city has to offer. The best art activities to do in Bangalore include a visit to the National Gallery of Modern Art where you can observe more than hundreds of famous paintings including paintings from famous artists like Rabindranath Tagore, Jamini Roy, Raja Ravi Verma and so on and the Indian Modern Art. Even the architecture of the building is strikingly beautiful. 'Ranga Shankara' is one of the best cultural places in Bangalore and boasts of glittering and high-quality theatrical performances. They have plays and dramas for all age groups, in both the local dialect of 'Kannada' and English. Another one of the best art activities in Bangalore takes place at the 'Bohemian House' which gives a supportive space to many bloggers, entrepreneurs and artists.

It has an ambience for culture and arts and leaves any visitor with a taste for the same. One of the best cultural activities in Bangalore happens at 'Lahe Lahe' which is an open community space and gives shelter to people who want to take a break from the bustling city. One can experience poetry readings, book readings, Yoga sessions, pottery classes and various other cultural buzzes. It is truly a well-lit, relaxing and peaceful escape for the people of Bangalore and the tourists as well. The 'Jagriti Theatre' is one of the many places where you can find the best art activities in Bangalore. The building itself is vibrant enough to attract anyone who loves art and culture and what happens inside the building is mesmerizing on a whole different level. The theatre has plays, music sessions, dance and comedy for all age groups and in various languages like Hindi, Kannada and English. In addition to this, it also has exquisite workshops for those who want to learn a thing or two about drama, music or dance.

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