India, a true manifestation of divine beauty and pious splendour. Endowed with lands with a multi-faceted resplendence untouched and untainted by the vicious claws of urbanization. This is a land where beauty is not bounded by any standards because here standards are not met, they are set. A glorious history written by the mightiest of kings and queens, stupendous monuments created by the most consummate artisans and an exquisite landscape with unparalleled resplendence bestowed upon by God himself.

One cannot fathom the true nature of the overwhelming and astounding sublimity that this land possesses. A list of hundreds of thousands of places cannot even being to summarize all the places that’s going to blow your mind away with his multi-dimensional splendour.

But still if you had the time to only pick 50, then these are the places you wouldn’t want to miss.

Here’s a list of top 50 most beautiful tourist places to visit in India with friends and family for an amazing holiday

1) Stok Kangri

Photo – Mountain Madness, Flickr

When the first light strikes the pristine snow of the magnificent mountains of the Stok ranges, the view is just awe-inspiring. No one can deny its brilliance nor the fact that this is among the most beautiful places to visit in India. Stok Kangri is the behemoth of those ranges towering at a height of over 20000 ft. This place is not only admired for its breath-taking views but also for it furnishes a great slop for professional trekkers. Trekking on these slopes is one of the best things to do in Stok Kangri. A worthy mountain to challenge with the prize of having an unbeatable sight at the summit. The peak is located in Hemis National Park, in the village of Stok and the city of Leh, the capital of Ladakh.

2) Manali

Photo – Marina Makhova, Flickr

A paradise for trekkers and an anchorage for thrill-seekers, Manali is a place not to be missed.  Shimmering snow-capped mountains, floral embellished hayfields and the vitalizing brisk air carrying the aroma of scented flowers mingled together across the valley. This resort destination nestled in the mountain ranges of Himachal Pradesh is an ideal place for vacation. It has tons of amenities that guarantee its guests that their indulgences are met. Manali is a tourist magnet for it boasts of a lot more than just providing gorgeous scenic views. Wallow in an adventurous escape paragliding over the vale or sanctify your spirits in the sacred grounds of Hadimba temple or have a brush of history in the museum of Himachal Culture and Folk Art for these are the best places to visit in Manali. There is a pool of things to dive into and is what makes Manali a must-visit site in India.

3) Nanda Devi

Photo – Tony Robinson, Flickr

Nanda Devi, the dove white mountains jutted into the sky. Entitled to be the second highest peak in India, this enormous mountain is surrounded by mysteries and legends. Enclosed with mystical mist lingering in the air and bracing wind squirming through the crevasses. This place is a prized collection in the treasure chest of nature’s wonders. It also poses a great challenge to the trekking enthusiasts out there and it’s also among the best activities to do in Nanda Devi. It possesses everything to satiate their need for adrenaline. Unquestionably this place holds a position among the most beautiful places to visit in India. It is part of the Garhwal Himalayas, and is located in Chamoli district of Uttarakhand, between the Rishiganga valley on the west and the Goriganga valley on the east.

4) Shimla

Photo – roman korzh, Flickr

Shimla, the former summer capital of British India and the present capital of the state of Himachal Pradesh. A true embodiment of the natural sublimity that the beautiful state of Himachal Pradesh has earned a name for. A commercial city that has retained its inherent environmental splendour. The city is glazed with halo white snow which provides some of the most phenomenal vistas. The colonial impact is still persistent in its architectural styles. One can seek and explore multiple avenues here. Its picturesque scenes aren’t its only asset. Shimla is also known to host mountain biking race or you can glide through the largest natural ice-skating rink in South Asia. All these translate to adventure with a taste of resplendence, ideal ventures for thrill-seekers. These are some of the most fun adventure activities to do in Shimla. Its plethora of tourist attractions makes its name on the list of the best places to visit in India.

5) Dharamshala

Photo – Jibran Khan, Flickr

Dharamshala, the place blessed by the presence of the great spiritual leader, Dalai Lama. Second capital to Himachal Pradesh. Dharamshala is coveted by globe-trotters all over the world for its excellent sights emphasized by delightful weather and for it being Dalai Lama’s residency place. A dense layer of murk can be witnessed blending the splendid setting of the blue skies with verdant green forests. One can revel in the beautiful panoramas of this city and enjoy the rejuvenating taste of Dharamshala or Kangra Tea which is known for its optimum quality all across India. Taking a sip and then smelling the aroma of this delectable tea is one of the most pleasant things to do in Dharamshala. This city is definitely among the very famous tourist places in India.

6) Auli

Photo – Rakesh Dhoundiyal, Flickr

Auli, a place defined by tranquility and peace. The views of snow-capped Himalayas from the drenched in the morning sunlight is something not to be missed. You can lose yourself amidst the beauty that surrounds this place. Famed for its marvelous hiking trails and unblemished slopes that makes for a perfect skiing destination. But the one thing that sends Auli to the podium is that it boasts of having the most diverse floral breeds than anywhere in the world (between June to October). Come and witness the quintessence of splendour in the north Indian state of Uttarakhand which is one of the most beautiful places in India.

7) Agra

Photo – TravelWithSethAndKelly, Flickr

A grand city treasuring some of the most marvelous creations of the Mughal empire. That empire under which the architectural world was at its pinnacle. Those grand edifices built by the emperors are now standing as their legacy to their architectural prowess. Taj Mahal, the paradigm of monuments and the symbol of love has attracted millions of tourists from all across the globe. It continues to acts as a tourist magnet for its elegant beauty is still unrivaled and is among the best tourist places in Agra. To the oblivious reader, Agra has a lot more to offer than this. Delectable food, sprawling market places and resplended natural beauty is also a part of its multidimensional splendour. It is no secret that Agra is among the best tourist places in India.

8) Nohkalikai Falls

Photo – abdul kaium, Flickr

Experience witnessing the tallest waterfall plunging down the steep rocks of Cherrapunji Plateau. Nohkalikai Falls is among the natural wonders of this country and undeniably one of the best sightseeing places in India. When you see a million droplets of water joining forces and swishing over the rocks and gushing onto giant boulders with a thundering sound, you will marvel in awe. The foamy waters gliding over hydrophobic mighty rocks resembling liquid nitrogen flowing out from the cracks of the earth. The bliss pool at the bottom of the fall has a peculiar viridian green colour. Hovering mist over the falls just makes the picture more perfect.

9) Drang Drung Glacier

Photo – Gergő Kiss-Csapó, Flickr

Hop on your ride and get ready to face some rocky, rugged, and undulating terrain while traversing your way across one of the very few glaciers that can be reached via road. Get ready to meets a few foes on your voyage like extremely cold weather that can even freeze your will. But once you reach your destination you’ll realise that it was all worth the endeavour. The moment you are standing at the edge of the road in freezing temperature and view the spectacular glaciers, the cold would vanish being replaced by a feeling of exuberance. This treacherous journey is worth the prize waiting at the end. Drang Drung Glacier is located near the Pensi La mountain pass at the Kargil – Zanaskar Road in the Kargil district of Ladakh & undoubtedly one of the most beautiful places to see in India.

10) Kasol

Photo – Sayan Santra, Flickr

Also known as little Greece, Kasol is a small cosy hamlet tucked in the valleys of Himachal. This old-fanged village has preserved its legacy of resplended natural beauty and is still not corrupted by urbanization. An epicenter for trekkers and mountaineers. The view of jewel blue Parvati river sparkling like tinsel making its way past the sturdy rock with a perfect backdrop of mountains draped in thick forest is something that can be enjoyed in perfect ecstasy. It also houses a few pilgrimage center where you can enlighten your spirits. Paying a visit to these divine places is among the best things to do in Kasol. All these attributes are what makes Kasol a famed tourist place in India.

11) Valley Of Flowers

Photo – Sangeeta Ved, Google

A magical carpet of flowers adorning the meadows and shrubs, that changes its shades as the time on the seasonal clock alters. The Valley of flowers is a world heritage site coveted by several well-known mountaineers and also botanists. Diversified fauna compliments its rich exotic flora. It is home to some of the rarest breeds of animals including Asiatic black beard snow leopard, musk deer, brown bear and many more. Immerse yourself in the ocean of flowers to feel exuberance in a serene setting. Valley of Flowers is an Indian national park, located in North Chamoli, in the state of Uttarakhand which is explicitly one of the most beautiful places in India.

12) Nainital

Photo – Prashanth Raghavan, Flickr

Nainital, a well-known hill station nestled in the state of Uttarakhand. This city boasts of phenomenal vistas of wrinkled snow-capped mountains, dense forests that gradually soars above and fades into the mist lingering over the beautiful landscapes of Nainital. Revered as one of the best places to visit in India, this place worth visiting. Indulge yourself in the stunning bird’s eye view of the lovely hill station riding in the Nainital Ropeway or try boating on the immaculate gem blue Naini Lake which will stimulate your soul and some of the best tourist places in Nainital. Finally buy souvenirs in the Tibetan market to take home along with the treasure chest of unforgettable memories.

13) Khajjiar

Photo – Lovepreet Singh, Flickr

Honoured with the sobriquet of “Mini Switzerland of India” owing to its tropical resemblance to Switzerland, Khajjiar is definitely among the most beautiful places in India. This hill station is a prized possession of the state of Himachal Pradesh. Enchanting meadows and mossy green forests are a part of its majestic splendour. One can also witness the magnificence of Dhauladhar ranges of the Western Himalayas. Khajjiar is also endowed with a perfect cumulation of three ecosystems – pasture, forest and lake which is not seen quite often. Have a brisk stroll through the thick pine forests or enjoy the mesmerizing view sitting beside the Khajjiar Lake for it’s among the most calming things to do in Khajjiar.

14) Roopkund Lake

Photo – Atul Sunsunwal, Flickr

Roopkund lake or also notoriously known as the Skeleton Lake is nestled in the lap of Trishul massif. This place is the abode of many baffling mysteries that to this date haven’t been completely solved. It was given this sobriquet for remains of hundreds of ancient human skeletons can be found half sunken in soil. Its provenance story is still unknown but it has many legends attached to it. And these legends beckon to many tourists from across the globe, trekking or hiking for witnessing the truth of these legends themselves and these are also the part of best adventure activities to do around Roopkund Lake. The mind-bending stories aside this place is blessed with some magical beauty. The lake seems as if the residual water in an icy bowl. Mysteries revolving this place surely make it one of the most famous tourist places in India. Located in the Himalayas, Roopkund is a high altitude glacial lake in the Uttarakhand.

15) Puducherry

Photo – Auroville OutreachMediaPress, Flickr

Formerly known as Pondicherry, this union territory possesses a unique amalgamation of French vibes infused in traditional Indian sensibilities. This city has to offer an array of diversity from cuisine to ethnicity. A bike ride or a stroll amidst the colonial township is the best way to explore the local markets which are famous for French bakeries and the Bohemian stores. While exploring the boulevards and rues in White town which depict the French architecture in its raw form you will find yourself gazing at the gorgeous seaside Promenade. The seaside Promenade is an endless stretch of rocks with crashing waves of the sea at your disposal.

Auroville which is famous all around the world for its holistic principles is situated close to the city and is a must-visit place in Puducherry. People from different countries come here to live in peace and harmony with the purpose to realize human unity. A golden dome known as Matrimandir is situated in the heart of Auroville which is a meditation center and is an architectural marvel on its own.

16) Coorg

Photo – Kalidas Pavithran, Flickr

Referred to as “the Scotland of India”, Coorg is a heaven for nature lovers. Located amidst Western Ghat mountain ranges, this hill station offers a breathtaking view of the lush green hills with streams cutting through them and a lot more beautiful sightseeing places in Coorg. Officially known as Kodagu, this coffee-producing landscape has many things to offer apart from exotic scenic beauty and spices. Also known for its culture and native clans. The Kodavas, a local clan, are considered a pro in martial arts and are also known for their keen hospitality. The concept of ‘homestay’ is very popular here and offers an affordable yet comfortable option to stay. Madikeri is the township which provides transportation to visit nearby places including Virajpet, Kushalnagar, etc. No doubt Coorg is among the most beautiful tourist places in India.

17) Kudremukh

Photo – Dhruvaraj S, Flickr

Located along the ridgelines of Western Ghats, Kudremukh is a mountain range located in the district of Chikkamagaluru of the State of Karnataka. The word Kudremukh means ‘horse face’  which is used to describe a particular side of the mountain that resembles a horse’s face. It is also the name of a mining town cum hill station near the mountain range. The Kudremukh township was originally developed as an iron ore mining town but due to environmental issues it was later on converted into a Natural reserve hosting a variety of flora and fauna.

The Kudremukh National Park is home to great biodiversity and ranks 2nd among wildlife protected areas in India and has definitely earned a name on the most beautiful places in India.

18) Jog Falls

Photo – Chandan Bhosle, Flickr

Jog Falls, the second-highest plunge waterfall in India, is located near Jog village which is a part of Shimoga district of the State of Karnataka. Sharavathi River dives from a height of 253m to make this magnificent fall. The nearest bus stands as well as the railway station is located in Sagara which is at a distance of 30km from the Jog Falls. The association of Linganmakki Dam across the Sharavathi river is of prime significance since it is responsible for the generation of electricity. Honnemaradu which is situated in the backwaters of River Sharavathi is an island which is famous for its water sport activities. The best time to visit Jog falls is between August and December.

19) Hampi

Photo – Agni Amrita Photography, Flickr

For all the history lovers Hampi is a bucket-list-worthy place. This UNESCO World Heritage site is located in east-central Karnataka. The fascinating history of this group of Monuments plunges into mythology and is a reflection of one of the most prosperous and wealthy Vijayanagara Empire. It used to be the capital city located near the Tungabhadra River. Unfortunately, a coalition of Muslim sultanates defeated Vijayanagar Empire which leads to the destruction of its capital after which Hampi remained in ruins. This historical delight is surrounded by 500 ancient monuments, beautiful temples, and captivating remains of the Vijayanagar Empire and all these are must-visit places in Hampi. With very limited modern advancements, the city of ruins, Hampi gives a very authentic feel to the ruins. The open museum with more than 100 locations to explore, this place sure is a must-visit. The simplicity in its beauty is what makes this place one of the best tourist places in India.

20) Kodaikanal

Photo – Vijatamurthy sadagopalan, Flickr

Due to the charming characters that the landscape of this hill station instils, Kodaikanal is also known as “The Princess of Hill Stations”. Located in the southern state of Tamil Nadu, this lakeside resort town offers a break from the regular city life. Kodaikanal which means ‘the gift of the forests’ has several scenic attractions which include Kodaikanal Lake, Bryant Park, Coaker’s walk and many more.  These are the most attractive tourist places in Kodaikanal.

Kodaikanal lake is a star-shaped artificial lake which is better explored by rowboats and pedalos that can be hired at the Kodaikanal Boat Club. The 5km path that frames the lake is a favourite walk for the locals as well as the tourists. East of the lake harbours a well-maintained botanical garden known as the Bryant Park.

Silver Cascade is a waterfall formed by the overflow of the Kodaikanal lake and is very popular among first-time visitors.

21) Udupi

Photo – Nithin Chandra, Flickr

The sleepy coastal town which is a hub of great South Indian Cuisine is not only famous for its religious aspects but also its authentic culture which provides great hospitality to tourists all around the world.

Udupi is famous for housing renowned Hindu temples including Sri Krishna Temple which attracts many pilgrims from around the world. Manipal which is a suburb of Udupi is known for its educational institutions and welcomes thousands of students each year from around the globe. Manipal shows a great blend of western culture and Indian traditions which is a result of the incoming foreign nationals who all come to this place to seek education and try to adapt to the Indian Culture. Having a detour to this place is among the best things to do in Udupi.

The city of Udupi is strategically located in close vicinity to several beaches which is also a key factor attributing to its global fame as a tourist spot. From the commercial beach of Malpe to the serene and peaceful beaches of Delta, the place even shows diversity in its beaches and the crowd can choose accordingly.

22) Ooty

Photo – Krishna Chaitanya, Flickr

The mystic landscape nestled amidst the Blue Mountains is the apt way to describe this hill station. For those looking for a picturesque place to unwind and declutter their busy lives, Ooty is a must visit the place. Considered as one of the most famous honeymoon destinations the scenic beauty of Ooty is just flawless and movie-like. The lush green hill station is better explored with the Toy Trains which offers a panoramic view of the Nilgiri mountains which appear blue when it is at its natural best and hence the name.

The old-world colonial architecture is perfectly infused with the peaceful suburb feel that the city provides. Not only as a destiny but the entire experience of reaching this place is thrilling. From Nilgiri hills to the tea gardens and the serene waterfalls, this place offers a complete package.

23) Andaman and Nicobar Islands

Photo – tofoli.douglas, Flickr

Andaman and Nicobar Islands, a jewel in The Bay of Bengal. The delicate sublimity of its wonderous beaches and its flourishing greenery is spectacularly amazing. A sure-fire destination for any zealous traveler. Its unique pristine white beaches with squeaky-clean crystal-clear water make up for an ideal coastal getaway. A place with an endless possibility of adventure and thrill. To get a clearer understanding of its splendour we need to dive a little deeper to see the overwhelming and hard to fathom the spectacle of underwater life. This crusade of Andaman and Nicobar Islands tours will undoubtedly be brimming with amazement and adventure.

24) Munnar

Photo – Emon’s photography, Flickr

Munnar, a perfect romantic getaway which as been given the epithet of “Kashmir of South India”. This famed honeymoon destination has been blessed with everything that makes your vacation an exotic one. With the blossoming tourism every year, this hill station has become a hotspot for globe-trotters from all around. The plush green blanket over these land spreads all across. This scattered greenery is strewn by many endangered species of flora and fauna. Blessed with a plentiful mesmerizing site which includes the isolated cascades of Atukkad Waterfalls, the Neolithic dolmens of Muniyara, and the most distinctive one is the Echo Point which is named for the alluring echo phenomenon that occurs at this spot. These are the among the best places to visit in Munnar. There are bountiful places that set the perfect ambience for romance. Do take a tour of this wonderful hill-station for it is one of the most beautiful places in India.

25) Thekkady

Photo – Subramaniam, Karthik, Flickr

Jaw-dropping greenery, mesmerizing landscapes, the immaculate resplendence of its wildlife, Thekkady is a place of in numerous natural offerings. The all year long soothing climate makes this place suitable to visit in every season. One of the famous tourist attractions of this region is the Periyar Wildlife Sanctuary known for its verdure green foliage consisting of lush evergreen forests, moist deciduous forests and open canopy savanna grasslands. The profusely disparate flora and fauna provide a spellbinding environment for nature lovers to marvel at and appreciate its natural beauty deeply. Its awe-inspiring landscapes also include alluring lakes beside which herds of wild elephants, deer and bison that come down to drink from which is just a cherry on top. Don’t forget to put this on your list of exploring the most beautiful tourist places in India.

26) Alappuzha

Photo – Eric Aubin – Ottawa, Flickr

Alappuzha is called the Venice of the East for this place is also abundant with beautiful canals, backwaters and beaches. Spring green paddy fields under drizzling sunlight, brackish lagoons adorned with palm trees on sides, beautiful weather with light brisk winds forming tiny ripples on the surface of the lake and all of with perfect silence, this is the beauty of Alappuzha. Among the oldest planned cities with a privy lighthouse standing on the Laccadive Sea coast, Alappuzha is a significant tourist destination of India. Join the houseboat cruise over the brackish lagoons of this city and set on an amazing journey of relishing the natural beauty of eastern Venice is luxurious comfort which is among the most soothing activities to do in Alappuzha. You’ll be witnessing one of the most beautiful places in South India.

27) Wayanad

Photo – Magic Moment, Flickr

Kerala’s one of the most picturesque district sprawling with enchanting spectacles of mother nature. The surging and plunging waterfalls, fascinating historical caves and the rambling spice plantation which allures a huge number of tourists every year. Most famous for its wildlife sanctuaries which are the abode of much exquisite range of flora and fauna which is perpetually flourishing in a quaint environment which is an integral part of the Nilgiri biosphere reserve.

This place has everything to tingle your wanderlust. There is also a great scope for every adrenaline junkie out there since adventure sports like trekking and mountain biking can also be made a part of this journey. These are some of the best activities to do in Wayanad. This environmentally rich district is worth visiting on your India tours.

28) Yumthang Valley

Photo – geoffmaterna, Flickr

On the eastern fringes of this country lies a valley endowed with splendiferous native simplicity. Yumthang Valley, a nature sanctuary encompassed by the great Himalayan region, is blessed innumerous natural marvels. Icy-water rivers, hot springs that cleanse the toxicity of your body and soul, beautiful pastures grazed by the yaks, perfect slopes for skiing and meadows carpeted by flowers, all makeup for a magnificent venue to have a soul-enriching experience. This place is also famous as Sikkim Valley of Flowers sanctuary. No doubt its a paradise for nature lovers. It also houses the Shingba Rhododendron Sanctuary which has assimilated 24 species of Rhododendron flowers. This place earns the title of being among the most beautiful places in East India.

29) Digha

Photo – Soumen Maity, Flickr

West Bengal is often considered synonymous to Kolkata but this state has much more to offer. The blissful beach town of Digha is not only a go-to destination for travel enthusiasts but also for budding photographers who want to capture serenity in a single frame. The scenic pleasure that this beach resort provides is beyond the endless horizons which try to hold the shallow waters of the sea. Keeping the religious aspect intact the town also has numerous temples which are flooded by pilgrims throughout the year.

30) Gangtok

Photo – Dhirendrasingh Rajpurohit, Flickr

The cloud embellished city, Gangtok, displays a boisterous and alluring character. The capital city of Sikkim boasts its pristine hill view. The best way to get a prismatic view of the winding hill roads and the Himalayan mountain ranges is via cable cars. The city being the center of tourism of Sikkim provides a spectacular view of Mt. Kanchenjunga from multiple viewpoints. Gangtok is a treasure of scenic beauty and has various attractions like Tsomgo lake, Tashi viewpoint, etc. These are some of the most famous places in Gangtok.

31) Bodh Gaya

Photo – Tautvaldas Tume, Flickr

Located in the Gaya district of Bihar this UNESCO World Heritage site is bustling with pilgrims throughout the year. This Buddhist pilgrimage site is famous must-visit place in Bodh Gaya for the sacred Bodhi tree under which Buddha attained enlightenment. The Bodhi tree is marked by the Mahabodhi Temple complex which attracts many tourists. A lot of foreign countries including Japan and China have helped the Indian government to restore the religious sanctity of this place.

32) Shillong

Photo – Khushi Kaur, Flickr

Known as the “Scotland of East”, this picture-perfect destiny has a soothing climate which attracts tourists all around the world. An escape from the heat of central India, this culturally diversified city which is encircled by pine trees offers a jovial population with picturesque sights and traditions. The heavy rainfall is a characteristic feature of this city but that’s not what it is famous for. From tallest waterfalls to beautiful landscapes it has covered with beautiful places in Shillong. It is also known as the music capital of India as many prominent musicians hail from this place which is also the reason why many music events take place here making it livelier. This town is worth being called one of the most beautiful places in India.

33) Majuli

Photo – attilio ianniello, Flickr

Majuli, the world’s largest river island situated in the river Brahmaputra.  This wetland is a cornucopia of flora and fauna, harbouring a diverse range of species including many endangered animals. It is also the abode of much rare avifauna which makes this Island a paradise for bird lovers. One can witness birds like the greater adjutant stork, pelican, Siberian crane and the whistling teal. Bird-watching is among the best activities to do in Majuli.

The native residents of this immaculate Island also posses a very rich culture. An island full of festivities and traditions. On top of it, their handicrafts are renowned all across India. Majuli is a cosy place where the celebration is embroidered with traditions and you definitely would want to miss one of the most amazing places in India.

34) Ziro

Photo – Arun Katiyar, Flickr

Ziro, a quaint old-timey town where the provenance of many peculiar tribes with features that stands to differ from the rest of the state of Arunachal Pradesh. The tranquil environment interspersed with enchanting sights makes this place coveted by a large number of tourists. Admired by the younger generation for its groovy music fests known as Ziro Music Festival that includes musicians from pan-India playing Indie, alternate rock or jazz music. Attending this fest is one of the most fun activities to do in Ziro. It takes place around September also opens the window for camping in the lush green environment and relish the natural beauty wrapped in the scent of vitality. This is no doubt one of the most beautiful places in Eastern India.

35) Tawang

Photo – Swaminathan, Flickr

The birthplace of the 6th Dalai Lama, Tsangyang Gyatso and the abode of feasting gorgeous vistas. A land famed for its Buddhist culture. The aura that oozes out of the monastery is what impresses tourists the most. The rustic ambience of this place is mingled with plenteous flora and fauna orchard. You can also witness the culinary richness Tawang by indulging yourself in its delectable cuisines. This sacred land has a lot to offer its guest that can aid their itchy feet. Adding this place to you list of wondrous destination is a must for this is assuredly among the most beautiful places to visit in India.

36) Darjeeling

Photo – Vic Shubin, Flickr

India is a country that thrives on tea. Morning tea, evening tea, one cup more tea, vent out frustrations tea and the list goes on. But when it comes to Darjeeling tea, there is no comparison. A city that holds prominence for producing tea leaves of optimum quality and taste which are Celebrated all across India. But this is not where its eminence comes to an end. It is also known to the world for giving a wonderful view of Kangchenjunga, listed as the third highest mountain in the world. Standing at the viewpoint and admiring the beauty that this place has to offer is truly one of the best things to do in Darjeeling. This is truly a land of simple joys and spellbinding spectacles.

37) Mawsynram

Recognized by the world as the place that receives the heaviest rainfall and the wettest place on Earth, Mawsynram is a place worth it is salt. This small village perched on the Khasi hills of Meghalaya is no wonder a paradise for pluviophile. Zillions of droplets falls twirling down with gushing winds and thunders so fierce that natives have to use thick grass to sound-proof their homes. Workers and labourers protect themselves using a full-body umbrella (handicraft of villagers) made from bamboo and banana leaves. The “living bridges” are distinctive to this region and one of its most fascinating and beautiful aspect of this place. These are roots of rubber trees woven together to form sturdy bridges. Villagers have been able to flourish in this wet environment. When someone says there is no place on Earth like this, it’s true to its core. Mawsynram is one of the best tourist attractions in India.

38) Dooars

Photo – Abhisek Datta, Flickr

Dooar is a floodplain of north-eastern India nestled in the outer foothills of the Himalayas. This region is the portal to the hills of Bhutan. Pleasantly alluring tea gardens are a major source of attraction. Blessed with a bounty of unsophisticated beauty this place is bliss to the nature lovers. The abundantly rich flora and fauna also a part of its natural resplendence. A number of wildlife sanctuaries have been established to protect the abode of the endangered species. Go on a wildlife safari and ride on the humongous elephants to enjoy the sight of the vibrant life living in the verdure forests. This is no doubt among the best activities to do in Dooars. Adventure junkies can also find ways to fuel their adrenaline-like white water rafting, trekking and jungle safaris. This is a great place for sightseeing in India.

39) Jaipur

Photo – jule0777, Flickr

Known as the “Pink City” due to the distinctive colour of the buildings, Jaipur is the capital of India’s Rajasthan state. The entire city is enveloped by a vibrant blend of old and new. The majestic and royal appeal of the city is because Jaipur is home to a few UNESCO World Heritage sites including Jantar Mantar and Amer fort. The authenticity of the state culture has been beautifully preserved even after modern amendments which only glorifies the city’s stature. Ranging from traditional local markets which are not only famous for a handmade souvenir but also the mouthwatering local cuisine to the grand forts which once served the royal bloodlines, there are a lot of tourist places to visit in Jaipur.

40) Udaipur

Photo – Wesley & Brandon Rosenblum, Flickr

The “Venice of East”, Udaipur, known for its majestic grandeur and lavish architecture is a top contender for destination weddings. Encircled by the Aravalli hills, the city is a perfect amalgamation of pristine natural offerings and lucrative man-made establishments. Often referred to as the ‘Jewel of Rajasthan, Udaipur is surrounded by four lakes and a boat ride through the waters of Lake Pichola is a great escape from the regular turmoil of life. The Vintage Car Museum of Udaipur is a bonus for all the automotive enthusiast. There are a lot of must-visit places in Udaipur.

41) Jodhpur

Photo – Alex Thomson, Flickr

If you want to click pictures without worrying about low exposure, then Jodhpur is the place to be. Known as the ‘Sun City’ because the weather remains bright and sunny throughout the year, Jodhpur is located in the Thar Desert of the Indian State of Rajasthan. This enchanting city was the former capital Marwar and the reflection of its royal past can be seen in the grand palaces that were built around that time and still stand strong. One of them is the Mehrangarh fort which was later converted into a museum. This is among the most famous places in Jodhpur. The second name of the city comes as a consequence of the first name i.e. the ‘Blue City’. To protect from the heat of the sun the buildings were painted blue and this is quite evident from the aerial view of the city.

42) Kutch

The largest district of India whose uniqueness dazzles you the moment you enter the city. The tortoise shaped Kutch is one of the most surreal and mesmerizing places in India. Known for the never-ending expanses of the white desert in the Rann of Kutch area, the city has a very dynamic atmosphere which attracts tourists from all around the globe. The places light up during winters when the Rann Festival takes place. The key features of the Rann Festival include camping, cultural functions and adventure activities like hot-air ballooning. These are the most relaxing and comforting things to do in Kutch. Lying in the India – Pakistan border the city of Kutch is also known for embroidery work, crafts, Wild Ass Sanctuary and Flamingo Sanctuary.

43) Diu

Photo – Purnendu Singh, Flickr

This fishing town located in Diu district in the union territory of Dadra and Nagar Haveli and Daman and Diu is famous for its fortress and old Portuguese cathedral. The township has a characteristic low skyline and very low population density. The places of attraction in Diu include the Nagoa Beach, Ghoghla Beach, Gangeshwar Mahadev temple, Sunset point, etc. The Diu fort adds on to the Portuguese influence on the town’s architectural makeup and is the most visited tourist attraction. This town has all what it takes to be among the most beautiful places in India.

44) Mumbai

Photo – Dilip, Flickr

The city of dreams, Mumbai is a place where beauty, glamour, entertainment, adventure, and wonderment intertwine. The unsettling commercial capital keeps soaring above in every aspect. There is an unceasing influx of new things happening and developing all around. The hustle-bustle of the central city, the resplendence of its natural landscapes, the tranquility of evening walks around marine drive, the entertainment and glamour of Bollywood, the thrill of doing a bunch of adventure sports and the list is endless. This insomniac city has got the whole package. Mumbai has been bestowed upon with a plethora of treasures renowned all across the world. There are plenty of that are worth calling the best places to visit in Mumbai, it’s better if you see that for yourself by coming to this place. This is truly a place of many marvels. It is among the most beautiful and famous tourist places in India.

45) Goa

Photo – sreejith sivadasan, Flickr

Goa, the pearl of the orient, is a perfect getaway destination for people seeking extravagant adventures brimming with adrenaline or feel the psychedelia of the party life.

Goa has been blessed with sun-kissed beaches, immaculate blue waters and an array of tall palm trees along the shoreline that compliments the entire landscape. This place will offer you memories that you’ll preserve it for a lifetime. Its culture is also distinctive and secluded from the rest of the country. A perfect blend of Eastern and Western cultures. Goa has something to offer to every wanderer crossing paths with this beautiful state. A true cornucopia of adventure, as there are alot of activities to do in Goa. Have a tour of one of the most wonderful and beautiful places in India. Your India tourism is incomplete without paying your visit to Goa.

46) Ajanta and Ellora caves

Dive into the mystery of history. Ajanta and Ellora caves are among the major tourist attractions of India. Get a glimpse of ancient Indian art and culture. The intricate inscriptions on the walls of these caves tell a thousand stories and contain an ocean of knowledge of our ancestral life. But more than that these caves are relics that displays the meticulous and elegant works of the people responsible for the creation of these beautiful caves. The Buddhist monasteries, giant worship-halls, elaborate rock-cut sculptures, expressive paintings and exquisite murals give these caves their unique relevance. Having an introspection of these caves is among the best things to do in Maharashtra. This UNESCO world heritage site is among the finest treasures of Maharashtra in Aurangabad city and surely best places to visit in India.

47) Ranthambore National Park

Photo – Trek walks, Flickr

For all the avid wildlife photographers out there, Ranthambore has a surfeit of opportunities to offer. The moment your train stops at Sawai Madhopur Railway Station the pupils dilate in pure astonishment as we get a glimpse of what the place has to offer in the form of wildlife graffiti. For this reason, this railways station has been declared the country’s first ‘Heritage Railway Station’.

The rich biodiversity is home to a variety of exotic animal species including Leopard, Jackals, Indian Flying Fox, Black Bucks, Sloth Bears, Desert Cats, Mongoose, Rattles and Five-stripped Palm Squirrel. The never-ending list also includes many reptiles. But the animal which attracts tourists across the globe is the mighty Royal Bengal Tiger. Wildlife safaris are the best way to explore the daunting terrain of this place. The National park also offers a wide range of accommodation ranging from luxurious resorts to affordable lodgings. This national park is among the most famous places in India.

48) Keoladeo National Park

Photo – Alex Carpentier, Flickr

Formerly known as Bharatpur National Park, this avifauna sanctuary is one of UNESCO’s World Heritage sites. This paradise for bird lovers welcomes thousands of migratory waterfowls every year for winter breeding. The diverse habitat of this artificial wetland is home to 366 bird species, 379 floral species, 50 species of fish, 13 species of snakes, 5 species of lizards, 7 amphibian species, 7 turtle species, and a variety of other invertebrates. The hibernal season attracts ornithologists from around the globe. This place was once the hunting ground for the royal families and the British which was later converted into a national park. The most proficient means to explore this place is via Jeep rides and rickshaw safari. Witness the rich fauna in one of the most beautiful sanctuaries of India.

49) Matheran

Photo – Vimlesh Mishra, Flickr

Matheran, an ideal escape for the people exhausted from the hustle-bustle of the urban centers around Maharashtra. Being the sole hill-station in Asia that is automobile free, taking in the pious air will purify your soul. This tiny piquant hill-station is carpeted by semi-evergreen forests caressed by blankets of mists. Trekking at the Sunset point will furnish you with vistas of some natural extravaganza. This is among the most famous activities to do in Matheran. Other hot destinations here include rowing through the Charlotte Lake, trekking on the cliffs and ravines of Vikatgad and Paymaster park which organises games for children and a pagoda. The best way to reach this hill station is the rustic way of travelling on horses. Do make sure to visit this place for it is one of the most beautiful places in Western India.

50) Gir National Park

Photo – Achim, Flickr

Taking a wildlife safari through the forests of the Gir National park in Gujarat will offer you spectacle which no other place on earth would provide. This park is the only natural habitat of the majestic and ferocious Asiatic Lions. Coupled with sighting this endangered species of lion you can also witness a plenty other elusive wild animals roaming around the deciduous forests of Gir. The avifauna sheltered in the exotic flora is also extremely diverse and vibrant. Animals that attracts most eyes other than the mighty Asiatic lion include Chowsingha – the world’s only four-horned antelope. Critically endangered white-backed and long-billed vultures can also be sighted on your journey through these forests. Undeniably this is one of those places which can’t be missed at any cost on you India tourism.

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