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Goa is a paradise for thalassophiles and adventure watersport lovers, in fact it’s famous for less. With a vast stretch of coastline against the glorious Arabian Sea, Goa has umpteen beaches and water sports activities to offer. It attracts tourists, both foreign and domestic, by the thousands and we can’t doubt why! The azure waters of the Arabian Sea with its wild wave breaks and the calm rivers of Goa fuse and give birth to one of the most sought-after places for water sports in the world. Without further ado, let’s kick off with this list with ’10 Water Sports in Goa You must try on Your Next Vacation’ that will leave you longing for the ‘Pearl of the Orient’ .

Here’s a list of top 10 best water activites to do in Goa with friends and family.

1) Scuba Diving

scuba diving
Scuba Diving in Goa

Exploring the Sea under the surface of the glittering Arabian Sea waters is as thrilling as any other sport over it. Under professional and expert supervision, you can descend under the surface of the water and discover the seamless beauty of sea life. Watching vibrant corals, shiny fish and other animals that you had never encountered in the wild will leave you awestruck with the experience. This is one of the best adventure activities in Goa.


2) Kite Surfing

Kite Surfing -water sports and activities in goa
Kite Surfing -water sports and activities in goa

This is an absolute adventurous sport and it is not for everyone, to say the least. It requires a person to have razor sharp awareness, swimming, surfing skills and kite maneuvering. Without these, even trying the sport is an invitation to injuries. Take proper training from professionals and only then step up for this remarkably memorable sport. It can be found on the major beaches of Goa like Arambol and Morjim beach.


3) Kayaking

Kayaking -water sports and activities in goa
Kayaking in Goa

Treading slowly along the river current is a really peaceful sport and entices many towards it. Kayaking while enjoying the scenic beauty of the river banks and the river currents is a proper escape from an exhausting city life. These are especially prominent in the backwaters of Mandovi and Zuari in Goa.


4) Water Skiing

Water Skiing water sports and activity in Goa
Water Skiing in Goa

Probably, the most adventurous water sport on this list; this sport makes the adrenaline junkies go gaga for it. Popularly observed at Baga Beach, in this sport you are threaded behind a speedboat and apparently, is not so easy. While the boat is scramming at an average of 50 kmph, you are pulled along behind it. The splashes of seawater and gusts of cool wind make up for a wonderful pump of adrenaline and one of the best things to do in Goa.

5) Parasailing

Parasailing water sports
Parasailing water sports in Goa

Setting off into the sky with the infinite blue below you is enthralling and encapsulating at the same time. Parasailing is the sport in which you are tied with a parachute like structure to an accelerating boat below. As the boat acquires speed, you acquire height. It is clearly one of the best water sports in Goa and can be found in Baga and Dona Paula Beaches.


6) Jet Skiing

Jet Skiing water sports
Jet Skiing water sports in Goa

Do you ever wish to recreate the Baywatch rescue scenes where the lifeguard enters the frame ravishingly while Jet skiing? This is one of the perfect places to give your fantasy a go. Understand the mechanisms from the supervising professionals and you will be ready to leap and run over the blues. You can find this amazing fun sport endeavour at Calangute, Candolim, Majorda and several other prominent Goa beaches.

7) Snorkeling

Snorkeling water sports
Snorkeling water sports in Goa

Unlike Scuba diving, this sport does not require you to put heavy tanks and learn a lot of instructions. Just put your snorkel in place and dive into the Arabian Sea and explore the glittering seabed by yourself, without carrying any heavy stuff restricting your movements even a bit. This activity is found near Bat Island and other prominent islands of visit.


8) Windsurfing

windsurfing water sports
Windsurfing water sports in Goa

Like the name suggests, this activity requires you to surf by harnessing the power of the Sea winds and you guessed it right, it’s not that easy an activity. However, with just a little bit of training, you will be able to set off with your life jacket and create one fine set of memories. This activity is prominent at Calangute, Dona Paula and several other beaches with unobstructed wind flow in Goa.


9) Kneeboarding

Kneeboarding water sports and activity
Kneeboarding water sports and activity in Goa

Remember how we just talked about how water skiing can be a difficult activity to partake? Well, Kneeboarding is similar to Jet skiing except the complications. It does not require you to have a keen awareness of the surrounding or very fast instincts; all you need to know is swimming and you are good to go. Just sit on your knees over the kneeboard and let the motorboat do the rest of the work while you enjoy the cool splashes of water over your face. This activity can be found in Candolim Beach, Rajbaga Beach and so on.

10) Whitewater Rafting

river rafting water sports and activitiy
Water Rafting sports in Goa

This sport has adventure levels spiking between easy and high depending upon the depth of water one is rafting on. Nevertheless, it is one fine adventure sport to try. The best thing about this is that you can try this with your loved ones and friends beside you in the same raft. It leaves you with a refreshing memory of riding over gushing and frothing waters of a wild river. It is one of the best things to do in Goa, undoubtedly.

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