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The colours, smells and sounds of the streets of Delhi will mesmerise everyone and the gems of Delhi’s streets are definitely it’s numerous market places and bazaars. Delhi is home to many of the best markets in India and they are all extremely popular amongst people from all walks of life. Whether you are on the lookout for cheap and affordable clothing or if you want the classiest choice in terms of branded products- Delhi has it all. Ranging from ancient bazaars to modern shopping centres, this is definitely a haven for shopaholics!

Visit these exciting shopping centres for products ranging from all the basics such as clothing, accessories and shoes to more valuable items such as antiques, handicrafts and Madhubani paintings. Delhi is a popular cultural and historical destination and this also translates into the realm of shopping.

Here are some of the Top 10 places to shop in Delhi-

1) Chandini Chowk

Chandni Chowk is a famous shopping district that has existed for hundreds of years and is an amalgamation of various winding and narrow alleyways that come together to form a haven for shopaholics. The galis of Chandni Chowk have been categorized into subdivision bazaars that have various different specializations, i.e., they sell different products. This is a must visit shopping places in Delhi. You need to visit Katra Neel if you are on the lookout for fabric. In the well-known Bhagirath Palace area lies the paradise for techies as all electronic items can be found here in abdundance. Dariba Kalan an ancient silver market filled with all kinds of silver jewelry. If you are planning a wedding then stop by to Kinari bazaar as it sells everything you would need, including clothing such as saris. Khari Baoli Road is the go-to place to buy spices and it also holds the title of being the largest spice market in Asia. Do not worry about walking around without a full stomach; the various road-side food stalls have delicious snacks and delicacies that you can savor as you shop to your heart’s content.

2) Sarojini Market

Sarojini Nagar is a popular shopping destination that is mentioned numerous times in videos by Indian clothing and fashion based youtubers. It is known for selling numerous cheap designer clothes as well as clothing from many reputable brands that may have been rejected from being exported because of minor manufacturing defects or because of abundance in quantity. This is definitely one of the best shopping places in Delhi with family as the many stalls and shops are densely trickled all across the way. Make sure to plan your trip here so that you visit on Tuesdays as this is the day when new stock arrives; you can ensure finding the best clothes this way! If you bargain correctly, you will also find great deals and get the clothes a better rate as these clothes are, at the end of the day, rejected pieces. A trip to Delhi is incomplete without purchasing some designer clothes, fashion accessories, shoes and even sweets!

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3) Lajpat Nagar

One of the best places to visit in Delhi is Lajpat Nagar, also known as the Central Market. This wonderful shopping area has been made for the average middle-class shoppers and therefore the rates of items sold here are extremely affordable and economical. Children and young girls will also enjoy having the small street vendors apply henna, a temporary tattoo of sorts that is made from a natural paste which will leave behind a rich coloured stain for a few days. This is a factor that is enjoyed thoroughly by women and girls of all ages. This market is definitely a paradise for shoppers who want the best items for affordable rates. You can find many different shops that sell the best traditional clothing at great rates with amazing deals on top of it! Each day, the Central Market opens up early in the morning and sees a throng of people until it closes at 10 pm. Sometimes the market stays open even longer than this. However, you should note that the market is closed on all Mondays. If you do visit Lajpat Nagar, then remembers to buy anything ranging from clothing, leather products and home décor!

4) Connaught Place

The best thing to do in Delhi is to visit one of the most bustling shopping places in Delhi, i.e., Connaught Place. This shopping place looks great with its white appearance. Here you will see numerous well known and reputed brands and their stores all situated in close proximity to one another. If you are looking for branded items then step right over here and you will surely find many of the best brands and their shopping outlets here. The various shops and showrooms located in Connaught Place have products that come under a wide range. Here you can find everything from tasteful fabric, exquisite jewellery, many Indian books, numerous beautifully made handcraft products, electronic goods and so much more! A trip here is extremely worthwhile as it’s not just a centre for shopping. Here there are hotels, restaurants and even theatres- this means that you will find everything here for a fun day out with friends or family!

5) Palika Bazaar

One of the must visit shopping places in Delhi  is the shopping centre that is situated in Connaught Place known as Palika Bazaar. This fully air-conditioned shopping area is extremely popular amongst the local Delhiites and even between the people who visiting Delhi from the various other parts of India. Here, there is a fantastic range of products including clothing, accessories, shoes, perfumes, electronic gadgets and so much more. Make sure that you have honed your bargaining skills and that way, you will be assured to get great deals and you can purchase the products at much better and cheaper rates. You can visit this great shopping place through many modes of public transit, including buses, taxies, autos and even the metro.

6) Karol Bagh Market

This old shopping place is also one of the must visit places in Delhi, i.e. the Karol Bagh. Many beautiful Indian ethnic garments and wedding attires can be found in abundance in this market. This makes it a perfect destination for people who are planning a wedding or even just the best place to visit during the festival season. Apart from these colourful garments and accessories, you will also find make-up products, books, shoes, technological gadgets and many electronic items. In close proximity to Karol Bagh there are many popularly known shopping places around like Ajmal Khan Road, which is known for having a great collection of ready-made clothes that are also sold at extremely affordable rates, Ghaffar, where you will find many imported goods from other countries, Arya Samajh Road, which is a haven for bibliophiles as it has a great collection of second hand books and also Bank Street which sells real gold jewellery.

7) Dili Haat

Dilli Haat is the place to be if you are in search of exquisitely made handicrafts. It is one of the best shopping places in Delhi with family as it’s unique and rustic feel will be exciting for everyone to experience. This Haat is a village market and the shops here have thatched roofs that give it a traditional and rustic vibe to it. Across the shop, in neatly arranged lines, are the various hand made products that exuberates skill and talent. Where in some shops it’s difficult to find the best products, here you will struggle to make choices as everything here is one better than the other. There are small food stalls situated across the market with local delicacies as well as food items from across India. This means that there is something enjoyable for you even if shopping is not your cup of tea.This market also has numerous cultural and music performances that will keep you entertained.

8) Paharganj

The main Bazaar of Paharganj is home to the best bargain shopping in Delhi. This bazaar is often jam-packed with people and shopping here can be quite chaotic, however the experience and the products are worth the hassle. A shopping trip here is among the best things to do in Delhi. Many of the shops located inside Paharganj in wholesale and therefore they export items to many foreign countries. This means that it is an ideal market to visit if you are in the lookout for unique and inexpensive products to find for yourselves. You will find many great products in this shop without having to splurge on them as the rates are extremely affordable. It is open from early in the morning and only shuts down each day by 9 pm. It is interesting to note that the shop is also open on Sundays! If you visit Paharganj, make sure that you grab yourselves the best deals and carry home some of the best clothes, textiles, books, handicrafts and so much more.

9) Khan Market

Khan Market is a small U-shaped market that was set in place in the year 1951. This market is definitely one of the most sophisticated shopping centres in Delhi and is no place to haggle over the rates. People who shop here often become loyal customers who find their way here time and time again as it has many branded outlets within it with great products up for purchase. There are in-house tailors who will manage to whip up the most stylish suits for you that will be completely unique and special. It also has many small and unique book shops- an added bonus that calls out the bibliophiles! There are many trendy cafes and lounges to sit back and relax as well. The delicious food, general aura and over-all appeal of this market makes it one of the best Delhi places to Visit.

10) Meena Bazaar

Along the passageway into the Red Fort is a historic market that is also one of the street shopping places in Delhi. In the 17th century, this housed the royal tailors and other merchants and today it is one of the most popular tourist destinations in Delhi. This old and historical market has plenty for tourists and shoppers to see and explore. The general aura of the market will make you wonder about all the events that have taken place within its vicinity since the many centuries that have passed since its installation. The arcade and shop fronts were restored and it has allowed it to expose some of the most beautiful artwork that was hidden on the ceiling and this has given the shop an authentic Mughal aura. What are you waiting for? Grab your purses and wallets and head over to the ever beautiful Delhi that has some of the best shopping centres for the inner shopaholic that lies within you.

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