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Travelling sets one’s inner self on a tour of heavy realisations and beautiful montages of memories. Just like stagnant mind rust without experience, the body too can rust if you never allow it to explore the world and its majestic intricacies. Although these are trying times and all of us understand how important it is to lay back and rest at home, now more than ever; we also know that as soon as this lockdown is lifted and the world stands on its feet again, the travelers too won’t stay put any longer. To scale great distances and beauty, one needs a lot of arrangements. Besides an undying love for travel, one also needs a well-equipped bag, doesn’t he?

Here are 10 necessary things to always carry in your travel bag –

1) A suitable container full of snacks and a voluminous water bottle

When it comes to travel, food is one of the things that first rings inside your head. It is necessary to always have a stack of snacks at your immediate disposal. It is recommended to have high energy-containing edibles like dry fruits and glucose-rich fruits. As an extension, one also needs plenty of water for situations when you cannot have access to drinking water around you.

2) A robust Power Bank

Without any dispute, this has to stand as one of your first priorities, no matter where you are travelling. In case, you are lost, “touchwood”, you might find it very helpful to have a phone with enough battery that helps you to communicate with someone nearby, who can help you out of your dire situations. Moreover, it can help you continue your travel for a longer period of time without hindrances and halting for charging your phone in some random inn or hotel.

3) A wallet with all the essentials

When visiting a place somewhere abroad, one must always carry a suitable wallet with all the essential documents like his identity card, passport and so on in his fold along with an appropriate amount of local cash for any unforeseen events that may occur. Now, it is obvious that one would presume to think why this point is this list; to put that aside, I would say it is always better to keep your wallet inside your bag rather than your back-pocket. Sometimes, a hint of paranoia is alright!

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4) A Map

Say what you must but travelling the traditional way is the best way to truly enjoy the art of travel. Also, it is always smart to carry a detailed map or a pocket-guide of the area you visit come to pass, it’s a rural area where your GPS might not work or an urban area with thick tentacles of alleys all around you. You will find it extremely aiding to have your own guide with you. Also, try to learn a few words of the local dialect in advance, it can be really handy for small talks.

5) Toiletries, sanitizers and wet-wipes

There would be nothing more terrifying if you can’t maintain your presentation during a trip. In addition to this, it is very crucial that you keep sanitizing your hands frequently because you touch various surfaces, some of which might be contaminated. For keeping your face moisturized, use wet-wipes or a simple herbal face-wash in that regard. It is essential to keep yourself well groomed for the photographs after all!

6) Some spare clothes

Keep a full account of all the clothes you might need for the trip; starting from the lazy pajamas for the night to the going-out party clothes. Keeping this in mind, do not forget to have one or two pairs of extra clothing, say for some unprecedented mishaps. Also, some extra inner-wears won’t do any harm to the bag-room, will they?

7) Your Camera!

This is one of the primary requirements for your trip, isn’t it? All of us know how important it is to have our beautiful moments frozen and still to keep with us forever in the form of Polaroids or digital photographs. Without doubt, it must make its way to your travel bag otherwise your trip is as good as a temporal dream and nothing more. Of course, don’t forget your camera charger & memory card!

8) A medicine / first-aid kit

This essential commodity often goes unaccounted because many of us are absorbed with the idea of everything going according to the plan but what if your stomach betrays you? Always carry medicines along with you, mostly analgesics and antipyretics along with some regular antacid or ENO for the same. You don’t want your amazing trip to be ruined by a headache or an upset stomach, do you?

9) At least one extra pair of shoes

Every trip has an essential instrument that comprises a lot of walking. No one wants sore feet at the end of the day. To avoid it, one must always carry a pair of comfortable walking shoes alongside the usual casual shoes for partying or normal outing. Also, you are not omniscient and you cannot possibly know what mud-pit you accidentally step into and for such scenarios, it becomes important to have an extra pair of shoes or at least, an extra pair of flip-flops.

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10) A well versed mind / Layout / Mind-map

If you are not sure about your steps during the trip, what’s even the point? Of course, impromptu trips are marvelous but it is even better to have a ready outline as to what all places you will visit. The How, When, Where and every sort of question must already be planned for, so that it doesn’t create a last minute rush into poor planning. Look for the best and affordable hotels beforehand and plan out your routine for everyday, this way, everything will go smoothly and give you a memorable trip.

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