Top Wildlife Nature & Jungle Safari Tours and Activities in Mumbai

Top Wildlife Nature & Jungle Safari Tours and Activities in Mumbai

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Best wildlife & jungle safari activities and things to do in Mumbai

It is tough to imagine that wildlife can exist in one of the world's largest concrete jungles but it is not impossible per se. Mumbai sits beside the Western Ghats, which is a hotspot for wildlife and is booming with thousands of species of animals, birds, insects and reptiles. The 'Sanjay Gandhi National Park' is the most famous wildlife park and is Mumbai's best wildlife place. It is the largest wildlife park in the world to be within a city's boundaries. The air is cleaner inside and the forests here are termed as "Mumbai's lungs". It offers amazing sights of both flora and fauna species, some of which are endangered. The main attraction here is the 'Tiger Safari', where you can observe the tigers in the wild and is one of the best jungle safaris in Mumbai. As a matter of fact, Wildlife in Mumbai is not just concentrated to Sanjay Gandhi National park and the Kanheri caves; it is also found in the Elephanta caves which is notoriously known for monkeys and some other common species of animals.

One of Mumbai's best wildlife places is the 'Karnala Bird Sanctuary'. It has over 300 species of birds and one can even catch glimpses of migratory birds during the months of October and March. The 'Bhimashankar Wildlife Sanctuary' is also among the best wildlife places near Mumbai; one can spot various rare species of birds and even the Indian Giant Squirrel here. One of the best wildlife place tours near Mumbai can be embarked upon at 'Koyna Wildlife Sanctuary'. Although a little far from Mumbai, Koyna is truly worth the visit because here you can catch glimpses of the grand Bengal Tigers, rare bird species and leaping Sambar deers. It is remarkably one of the best wildlife places near Mumbai.

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