How do I become a Host or Suppplier?

Visit our host page and Register with us. Once you are registered with us, we will ask for documents for verification.

All the necessary details and steps will be mentioned in the mail.

Who can become a Host or Suppplier?

Anyone who is interested in the travel field, have knowledge of the places they reside in or nearby places and have prior experience of conducting tours.

Does posting tours on TripNxt means working with TripNxt?

No, we are just a B2B marketplace where we will offer you a platform to post your tours and travellers will book your tour. There is no employment agreement between TripNxt and Hosts. You are responsible for all the tasks like:

  • 1. Creating the tours
  • 2.Managing the bookings
  • 3. Making arrangements of the tour

We will just help you to get more travellers and try to make your tasks smoother.

How are the Host or Suppplier earnings calculated?

Hosts can set their own price for the tour.


Where should I contact if I am unable to register or for any assistance?

You can contact our customer care at +91 63642 03355 or and we will try to solve your query.

What types of Hosts or Supppliers are there in TripNxt?

Hosts can sign up as an Individual or Company.

If you are a single person then you can be an Individual host and can create tours and if you are a Company who has a lot of manpower like guides, transportation, etc then you can be a company.

While signing up you can select as best describes you.

How do I get bookings?

When you create a tour, travellers come to our portal and see the tours in which they are interested and they book the tour. You will be notified via email and sms, when you get a booking.

We do online marketing, offline marketing, campaigns, events to attract more customers.Remember when you earn, we earn.

How do I contact the travellers?

You can contact the traveller before 10 hours of the tour start time.

Can I cancel the booking?

Yes. But try to cancel the bookings only if it's very important. Frequent cancellation will result in lower host or supplier rating and you will receive low bookings.

When you cancel please let us know at +91 63642 03355 or check the cancellation policy for more details.

How can I cancel a booking?

To cancel a confirmed booking, go to “My Bookings” and click on the “Cancel” button of the tour you want to cancel.

You will not have the option to cancel when the tour start date is within 24 hours.

To cancel a confirmed booking, please contact our support at +91 63642 03355 or .Please check the cancellation policy for more details.

Can I modify it in an existing created active tour?

You cannot edit the tour. To edit contact our customer care at +91 63642 03355 or

Where can I modify an existing created tour?

To modify an existing created tour, go to “My Tours” and click on the “Edit” button to modify details.

Note: Only Draft status tours can be edited.

To edit the tours which are in Pending or Active status, contact our customer care at +91 63642 03355 or

What types of tours can I create?

You can create any type of tour as per your expertise like walking tour, food tour, cycling tour, adventure tour, etc.

How many tours can I post?

For Companies, you can create as many tours you can depending on the manpower you have.

For Individual Host, you can create as many tours you can but remember to keep only one tour active at a time.

Why is my tour rejected?

Tour can be rejected on the basis of the content you have posted in that tour.

If the content is not really relevant to that tour and if there are major changes then your tour will be rejected. Tour will be pushed to “Draft” status if the tour requires minor changes, you can correct and send it again for approval.

I have created a tour but travellers are not able to see the tour, why?

This is probably because you have not submitted the tour for review, you can check the status of the tour in “My Tours”.

Once the tour is approved and active, it will be visible to all the travellers.

Can I disable my tours for some dates?

Yes. You can disable the dates anytime. In “My Tours” check for the “Block Date” option, select the dates and click on Submit. Your tour will be disabled for the selected dates.

Note: If the selected dates have any bookings then you cannot disable the tour on that date. When you disable the tour for specific dates then the travellers cannot book the tours for your selected dates.

My tour is in Pending status from a long time, what should I do?

Uh No, we are sorry for this, you can contact our customer care at +91 63642 03355 or

Why has my content been modified?

Your content can sometimes be modified by us to attract more travellers and to make your tour look fancy and attractive, also to make sure that the content should be unique in perspective to store in our database and for SEO.

What content do I post when posting a new tour?

All the content related to the tour like description, title, categories, inclusions / exclusions, itinerary, images, etc. Always try to post the content written by you so that it should not violate any copyright like text or images. Unique content always helps in SEO and ranking in search and leads to more attraction of travellers & helps to get more bookings.

What information should I write in my profile?

There are few basic details we ask about you so that the travellers can understand about you and feel comfortable while booking and on tour with you. You can check it in your “My Profile” section.

How do I change my password?

In your dashboard you have the “Change Password” section, where you can change your password.

In case you forgot your password, then you can go to Login tab → Forgot Password, enter your registered email id and an email will be sent to you with a temporary password to reset your password.

How do I change my email and phone number?

To change your email and phone number contact our support at +91 63642 03355 or

How do I delete my account?

We don’t want you to go, but in case you have decided to delete your account you can contact our support at +91 63642 03355 or

How do travellers leave reviews?

Once the travellers complete a tour, they will see the option to leave a review for that tour, where the traveller can give feedback about their experience of the tour.

Why do I need to take reviews from travellers?

Reviews help in getting bookings as more the happy travellers with good reviews, high chances to get more bookings.

Can I reply to a review given by travellers for my tours?

No. You cannot reply to any of the reviews given by the travellers.

Can I add reviews manually to my tours?

No. You cannot add reviews manually to your or any of the tours. Reviews are only given by the travellers who had booked and completed the tour successfully.

Can a traveller leave a review on all my tours?

Travellers can only leave a review for their booked tours and after their successful completion of the tours.

Does reviews affect my tours?

Yes. Review system is made for the travellers and when they look at your tour, they will check the reviews and on the basis of the tour and the reviews the traveller decides to book a tour or not.

Always try to give your best, so that travellers can leave good reviews.

How do I receive more bookings?

Always try to fill the tour details completely and clearly.

Mention everything possible things you can do in that tour and try to keep in mind what travellers need while they book a tour. Try not to cancel or reschedule your bookings.

How do I improve my tour ranking on TripNxt search results?

Tour content is the master key for being highlighted. The content must be unique and always use keywords related to travel and be specific about the place or the things you mention in the tour.

Images should be unique and not copyrighted, title, description should have sufficient words, catchy and attractive keywords, mention everything clearly and keep your travellers happy so that they can leave good reviews.

How much commission do you charge?

We charge an industry standard commission percentage, you just need to pay a small amount as commission fee for your booking.

After activation of your account an email will be sent to you about commission percentage and other details.

How will I receive my payment?

Your payment will be transferred to your bank account directly.

When will I receive my payment?

We have a 15 days cycle. The payment is done after the booking is completed + 5 days in whatever the payment cycle falls in.

Ex. Suppose if a booking is completed on the 12th of the month then the payment will be processed at the end of the month cycle. As 12th + 5 days = 17th of the month, 17th falls in between of 15th - last date of the month cycle. So the payment will be processed on the last date of the month.

Who charges the travellers?

Travellers pay the whole tour amount to us and you will be paid on the applicable payment cycle.

How to change my payment details?

You can change your payment details at the “Bank Details” section.

What should I do if I didn’t receive payments for some of my bookings?

No need to worry, just contact our customer care at +91 63642 03355 or with the booking ids.

What is the cancellation policy?

Please visit our cancellation policy page here to know about cancellation terms.

What if the traveller cancels the tour?

To know more about this, please refer to our cancellation policy page.

What if the tour needs to be cancelled in case of Force Majeure Event?

To know more about this, please refer to our cancellation policy page.